Our Guarantee

5-star Guarantee of Satisfaction

Have peace of mind in knowing that you’ll receive beautiful, quality diamonds from The Gold Mine.

1.  Diamond Quality Guarantee

Each diamond has been “Hand Selected” by our store’s buyer who also happens to be Caldwell County’s only “Registered Gemologist” assuring you a quality diamond which is graded by universal grading standards set forth by The Gemological Institute of America. A careful screening process for each diamond is done according to its individual cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Your diamond is guaranteed to be the quality we say it is or its replaced free if examined & disputed by a major gem lab such as GIA.

2.  Diamond or Gemstone Loss Guarantee

You can feel confident in any diamond or gemstone jewelry item purchased at The Gold Mine because we hold our manufacturer’s to a “Higher Standard” of quality than most other jewelry stores. Therefore, each piece comes with a one year stone loss warranty with free stone replacement should you lose a stone. The only conditions are if the said jewelry item is worked on by another jeweler or has been handled with neglect, ex.,(slamming a ring in a car door) we cannot replace it for free, but will repair it at our cost.

3.  Gold, Platinum, Silver, or Precious Metals Mounting Guarantee

We will warrant the workmanship of our precious metals as said above for one year against defective workmanship. Our craftsmen and manufacturer’s are held to high quality standards and should the item be found defective or in need of repair, we will replace or repair it at no charge for up to one year. Our gold chains come with an unconditional “Lifetime” guarantee against breakage….if they ever break, you get a new chain free of charge.

4.  Custom Made Jewelry Guarantee

We only use the finest craftsmen to custom make a jewelry item for you. If you are not completely satisfied, we will remake the item for you at no charge for up to 180 days from time of purchase.

5.  Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the jewelry you have purchased, please return it anytime within 15 days of date of purchase for a full refund. After 15 days from date of purchase we will issue a store credit or trade for a “like” valued item in our stock as long as the item purchased shows no signs of wear or neglect. The only exceptions to the above will be items which have been altered or sized which cannot then be sold as “New Jewelry”. Special orders will be issued a refund only if the manufacturer we purchase your item from will take it back. We deal with many manufacturer’s whose return policies differ from one to another.